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What’s Your Art?

Have you considered the myriad of talents that are yours? Are you a terrific cook, a devoted parent, sensual lover, keen eyed designer, ace mechanic, carpenter extraordinaire, a teacher, a student of excellence? What fires you up? What inspires you to be your best? Within those seemingly everyday pursuits that flow seamlessly through us, we find our art; the unique imprint and legacy we leave on this planet. We make our marks and leave a trail of love whenever and wherever we have pursued a course of action and activity with love and passion. It really is that easy to love this life, ourselves and others if we make the pursuit of joy, the recognition of the things that light us up, the road we follow. It is very much a heart path. Today, take some time to consider the ways you show up for life as the artist you are. What is your art? Now, go and do that!

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