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Something New and Fearless

Do you ever get the itch to go in new directions? For me, it feels like a bubbling up that cannot be contained; like a boiling pot of water with a lid, the contents just want to spill over. I am in that space today. For years, I have loved collage and textile art. I have always wanted to try something new on my canvas’ that combine these two interests. I currently have a raw canvas on the studio wall and as I proceed to express an abstract story I am keenly aware that this may be the time to take a deep dive into experimenting with my own version of collage. I am the lucky owner of old fabrics my late aunties used for their quilting projects. They were given to me before my last auntie passed, and I feel the call to play with the materials and see what transpires. I will keep you up to date on my progress. Right now, I am sharing the background for this experiment. I have written on it, “Life is for Living”. How

often does life call us forward to truly live and take risks, yet we remain stuck? Today, it feels like it is time to try something new. How about you? Are you stuck, or do you keep moving forward with new ideas? Sometimes, oftentimes, I think that living is a fearless experience.

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