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Journal Entry from May 8, 2020

I am nearly finished a larger painting..approx. 36 x 55 inches, entitled, Liberation: For Sophia and For Holland". Title was inspired by Sophia LeClerc, whom I have never met except as a FB friend. She asked me if I deliberately posted pictures of this painting on May 5 in honour of Holland's Liberation by the Canadian Army in WW2. I felt so emotional by this, although I had not known about this liberation story. The Dutch colours evident in this painting and the orange ribbons, as Sophia interpreted it, meant they were freed from tyranny. As a woman now in her 80's, she still vividly remembers that night and how it lead to her immigrating to Canada.

"Liberation: for Sophia and For Holland" (2020) Acrylic on canvas, 36 x 55 inches

It was not until a few days later, on the 8th of May, that I understand this painting is also the story of my liberation; of re-membering a powerful universal and personal truth: the work that wants to express through me only has to be honest and true to me as the artist. It doesn't have to make sense or be "pretty" to anyone else--it is my personal right to be myself on the canvas and that is so liberating!!! In the past two weeks I have felt something percolating....the idea that I didn't need to make art to sell...the selling of the art is a bonus; I make art because I have something to arena in abstract form to voice the things I cannot find the words for. I am reminded, also, by an article I just read that says, "Process is more important than the Product".

Am I having fun again in front of the canvas? Yes! Then I am on the right track and in the flow! I am liberated! I am free to be gloriously ME!

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