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It Has Been A While

My goodness! Can you believe it is the month of July? I believe I have lost track of time in the last year and a half. Time seems to be slipping by, yet I am often unaware of the day and time. I think this can be beneficial in some ways as I think it may speak to full engagement in the present moment. This is something that used to escape me as I was usually focused on the past or the future. I have learned and continue to learn to live in the present; to look for the gifts of today. How about you?

The photo above gives you a bit of a hint at what I have been spending my time on. I am currently exhibiting with 4 other women in a show called, Wow!Man. It has been a wonderful feeling to be out and about in public and sharing our art. I have missed meeting new people.

My work has also gone to some local retail outlets and sales from my home studio have been very good. There was a great lull for a while and I began to wonder at the quality of my work. Isn’t it amazing how, even in the midst of a huge global shift, we can still go so easily to that point as artists where we doubt ourselves and our gifts? I have learned over the years that timing is everything.

I have much to update on my website and continue to paint. It is a good busy life. How about you?keeping you occupied in a happy way? Or are you too busy to find time for yourself and the things that bring you joy? The time is always now to reflect on and be immersed in. I wish you such a happy day involving the things you love, the people you adore, and the places that make your heart sing.

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