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Half Way Points

Today I added a new piece to my website. Entitled, Half Way, I completed it on February 2, 2022 which is the half way point between the darker days of winter and the promise of the light of spring. How are you managing this winter? Are you finding your creativity flowing or are you in hibernation mode? I find things fluctuating in terms of being able to get into my studio on a regular basis as we are helping people clean their homes and create better feeling living spaces. It feels rewarding and we are meeting really lovely people. At other times it feels like an infringement on my personal time. Finding that balance is a lifelong work for me, at this point; managing the needs of others and trying to be okay with wanting time and space for myself. I have often put my needs and desires in last place as I fulfill what I believe to be the healthy roles of wife, mother, grandmother, dog owner, friend, global get the point! My goodness, we can make ourselves so tired when we think we have to do it all. I also get restless in the winter as the enforced quiet and shorter days make me understand how a bear must feel as it just wants to fill its belly and fall into deep slumber for an extended time. Thank goodness for having to walk dogs and clean houses for clients and making energetic art! It keeps me moving and remembering that we are half way to more light-filled days and that undeniable happy energy that comes from warmer weather and growing gardens and walking barefoot. I am so grateful to have the gift of art to help me express it all. Let me know how you are thriving these days, or what you might need to get to that point. We can all help each other in some small way. Keep going. You are half way there.

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