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A Happy “Accident”

I spilled a container of gesso all over my grandson’s nursery a few days ago. His room is one of the last places in our home that actually has open wall space from which I can hang a blank canvas and paint. I am outgrowing my studio space as larger canvas’ are calling out to be expressed. The mess created by that gesso is quite spectacular. It has covered the vintage oil cloth floor, his crib, walls and my painting tools and shoes. I could do nothing at the time it happened but laugh. I could not bring myself to wipe up that gluey, gooey substance so I closed the door and let it dry. Upon my return a day later I discovered just how well gesso sticks to everything, and why it provides so much “ tooth” for paint application. The floors are beyond help. The gesso on the canvas, smeared hap-hazardly is now the basis for my new abstract piece. I looked at the patterns provided by the gesso and thought, “I can work with that”. And so I am. I am happily using what seemed so “accidental” as a starting point for something new and wonderful. What’s that old saying: ”

If life gives you lemons, make lemonade”? I am going to use the gesso to make a masterpiece! What are you allowing in your world today to lead and guide you, even though it may first appear as a stumbling block? How can you make your own masterpiece from what’s before you? Happy creating!

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