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The love of beauty has imprinted boldness in my heart that I must share; my need to paint is insistent. The call comes and I answer.

We are all artists. The discovery and recovery of what it is that makes you happy is your true art. I once read a fine quote (by Oprah, I believe), that said your true passion and calling is as natural as breathing. Find that, I feel, and you have the Holy Grail in your very hands. Be fearless.

Personally, my process of “art-making” is a quiet, insistent inner guidance. When I get into my studio,  I release understandings that are too big for me to process logically. I am a collector of stories; stories of personal and universal struggles and questions. I finally understand what it means to “live the questions”; to try and sit patiently with the unknown. I am compelled to loosen my hands and let the paint take the lead. I do not know what will flow through me but I share what is expressed in order to let the tales be told.

It is an joy to manifest life in full colour on canvas. It is the willingness to surrender that is the key.

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