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The love of beauty has imprinted boldness in my heart that I must share; my need to paint is insistent. The call comes and I answer.

We are all artists. The discovery and recovery of what it is that makes you happy is your true art. I once read a fine quote (by Oprah, I believe), that said your true passion and calling is as natural as breathing. Find that, I feel, and you have the Holy Grail in your very hands. Be fearless.

I AM A COLLECTOR OF STORIES. As a child, highly sensitive to energies, I was aware of being able to "read a room" and the underlying currents guiding behaviours. Not understanding this spiritual gift, it made me feel anxious and odd. Now I am able to understand and utilize these parts of me to assist and guide my intuitive abstract expression. This has allowed me the honour of sitting with people and holding space for their stories, then being able to  express the energetic imprint of these stories on to canvas. They are unique, intimate and intuitive abstract stories designed to be interpreted by those who wish their soul stories to be seen and heard.


This is the way in which all of my work, commissioned or not, is carried out. This process of “art-making” is a quiet, insistent inner guidance. When I get into my studio I release understandings that are too big for me to process logically. I am a collector of stories; stories of personal and universal struggles and questions. I finally understand what it means to, “live the questions”; to try and sit patiently with the unknown. I am compelled to loosen my hands and let the paint take the lead. I do not know what will flow through me but I share what is expressed in order to let the tales be told.

I am also a Spiritual Care Practitioner, holding space for people to come and sit a while to discuss the implications of being alive in a time such as this. My art informs my therapeutic listening, and my therapeutic listening informs my art. I hold a Master's Degree in Pastoral Care and Counselling, as well as Bachelor's degrees in Communications and Education.

It is a great joy to enjoy life in these ways, putting colour to canvas to express things too exquisite for words.

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